Dirty Projectors release new self-titled album ahead of schedule: Stream

Seventh LP finds David Longstreth turning "struggles with loneliness and heartbreak into glitchy dance music."

    For years now, Dirty Projectors fans have been patiently waiting for the follow-up to Swing Lo Magellan. Turns out that it’s not only the listeners who have been anxious for a new record, but also David Longstreth, DP’s main and now sole remaining member. Today, days ahead of the original February 24th release date, the band’s new self-titled album has been revealed in full.

    “Been 4 years, 7 months & 11 days — long enough! 3 days early, preorders are in the mail & the album in stores. Dirty Projectors is out today,” Longstreth tweeted out this afternoon, alongside a picture he took with a longtime fan. The LP will be made available on digital platforms later on today, but a live stream featuring a playthrough of the album’s vinyl version has been posted on the group’s Facebook page for those hoping to get a head start. Stream it down below.

    In a review of Dirty Projectors, our own Nina Corcoran writes that Longstreth “turns struggles with loneliness and heartbreak into glitchy dance music,” adding, “The music feels immersive. His pain becomes a tool to develop strength. The final product, 50 minutes of experimental electronics, is a much needed balance of upliftment in the face of a self-crisis that’s as insightful, or as empty, as you decide to see it.”


    Dirty Projectors Artwork:


    Dirty Projectors Tracklist:
    01. Keep Your Name
    02. Death Spiral
    03. Up in Hudson
    04. Work Together
    05. Little Bubble
    06. Winner Take Nothing
    07. Ascent Through Clouds
    08. Cool Your Heart
    09. I See You