Skrillex joins From First to Last on stage for the first time in 10 years — watch

The band made a surprise appearance at LA's Emo Nite, performing "Emily" and "Note to Self"

    The joke has been run into the ground by this point, but it’s still always just a little funny to remember that before Skrillex was Skrillex, he was and forever will be From First to Last frontman Sonny Moore. The one-time heartthrob of the mid-aughts screamo scene left the band in 2007 to make millions from the return of electronic music in America and revitalize Justin Bieber’s career, but now the evidence continues to mount that he might be returning to his roots.

    Last month FFTL put out their first song in a decade with Moore on vocals, “Make War”, flush with the kind of ferocity that fans have come to expect from the band. Now, they’re apparently committed enough to the screamo revival* to start playing some live music together. Last night, at L.A.’s popular scene-centric dance night Emo Nite, the band performed “Note to Self” and “Emily” from their 2004 debut LP Dear Diary, My Teenage Angst Has a Body Count, an album as fondly remembered with nostalgia as it is ridiculously titled.

    (*we can neither confirm nor deny the screamo revival but will happily take credit if this actually pans out)

    It’s unclear as of now if this was a one-off or if FFTL have designs on making 2017 the year of their triumphant return, but between this appearance and the surfacing of new music, one has to wonder if even the most successful DJs can grow wistful for their parking lot origins. In the meantime, here’s From First to Last, back and in full effect: