The 101 Greatest Dogs in Film History

From Benji to Bingo and Buck to Baxter, we’ve got dogs!

    This week, everyone’s favorite dog-loving assassin is back for seconds with John Wick 2. Starring Keanu Reeves and a who’s who of notable veterans, from Deadwood‘s Ian McShane to Keanu’s Matrix mentor Laurence Fishburne, the next chapter promises more bullets, bodies, and bones. Surely some bones will be reserved for his new dog.

    So to commemorate dogs and movies, and you’re gonna love this, we’ve listed the top 101 dogs in the movies. That’s right, 101. From Benji to Bingo and Buck to Baxter, we’ve got dogs! Lots of dogs! A whole damn listicle loaded with dogs! Good dogs, bad dogs, demonically possessed and racist dogs. Old dogs, new dogs, dogs that are likely now deceased. Dogs with digital lips, dogs played by multiple dogs, we got ‘em!

    What we don’t have are any animated or completely digital dogs since John Wick doesn’t either. Also, 101 is a lot, but that doesn’t mean we were able to name every last one of your favorites, so feel free to tell us if this list is pure-bred or a mutt. If nothing else, it’s proof positive that Consequence of Sound has truly gone to the dogs. In the movies! Dogs in the movies. We went to them, and put them in this list.



     –Blake Goble
    Staff Writer