Remember Us? 25 Sequels Made Several Years Later

Renton and Sick Boy aren't the only veterans who've been given a second chance


    Studios get lazy. With the onslaught of prequels, sequels, and spin-offs over the past few decades, this has never been so obvious. From a business perspective, it makes sense: If the public wants more of the same, give it to them. If the fans want more story, broaden the original scope. Who needs mystery anyways?

    Typically, when a franchise or a success seems like a certainty, thanks to market research and test screenings, any prequel, sequel, or spin-off receives the green light before their predecessors even see any box office returns. However, there have been several cases where highly celebrated franchises lay dormant for a lengthy period of time, only to return years later.

    This week, Danny Boyle takes us back to Edinburgh for another druggy adventure with the skagboys in T2 Trainspotting, a sequel that takes place 20 years after the original. In light of the reunion, we broke down 25 similar films, discussing whether they were successful in their own right. Some were good, some were bad, but one thing’s for certain: this is a list.

    –Justin Gerber
    Film Editor


    Nine Years Later

    American Reunion (2012)

    Previous Entry: American Wedding (2003)

    Returning Cast: All of the principals, including those not seen since American Pie 2.

    Is It Better Than the Last One? Yes. This Pie leaves a better taste in your mouth than Wedding, although that film essentially replaced dead-behind-the-eyes Tara Reid with slightly-less-dead-behind-the-eyes January Jones.

    Is It Any Good? There’s much ado about nostalgia, and you likely won’t be able to count how many references are made to previous entries on just one hand. However, there is a strange comfort in seeing this group of actors back together again. Much of this is personal; I graduated the same year these characters graduated, so I experienced a total recall. The gang get up to the same embarrassing antics, but like all of the earlier films, everything works out in the end. Kudos to the producers for getting them back together one last (?) time, and additional congrats to the marketing team on the film’s poster mirroring the original’s. –Justin Gerber

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