Chromatics’ Johnny Jewel releases two new EPs, The Key and The Hacker — listen

It might not be Dear Tommy, but it's something

    Chromatics’ long-awaited album Dear Tommy remains unreleased. Tonight, however, the band’s mastermind, Johnny Jewel, dropped two new EPs. The first is entitled The Key and spans eight tracks clocking in at 12:57. The second is dubbed The Hacker and consists of seven tracks totaling 10:42. Both are strictly instrumental affairs. The EPs are streaming in fill below and can be purchased via Italians Do It Better’s website.

    The Key Stream:

    The Key Artwork:

    The Key Tracklist:
    01. Emerge (0:51)
    02. The Key (1:59)
    03. Face To Face (2:10
    04. Free Fall (0:37)
    05. Ghost Diving (1:40)
    06. Combat (2:32)
    07. Discovery (1:52)
    08. Memory Mask (1:16)

    The Hacker Stream:

    The Hacker Artwork:

    The Hacker Tracklist:
    01. The Hacker (3:26)
    02. Latex (0:45)
    03. The Chase (1:39)
    04. Laughing Man (1:52)
    05. Telekon (0:51)
    06. Red Lights (1:02)
    07. Cyborg (1:07)