Diet Cig don’t have much to celebrate on new song “Barf Day” — listen

Good friends are hard to come by for the New Paltz pop punk outfit

Diet Cig // Photo by Killian Young

    Photo by Killian Young

    When you’re young, making friends is a breeze — sometimes it’s easy as sharing a pile of Play-Doh or exchanging emo CD mixes. (I’m showing my age here, I realize.) It gets tougher as time goes on, to the point that finding legitimate BFFL candidates is as draining as locking in a soul mate.

    CoSigned two-piece Diet Cig know these friendship woes all too well, as its a theme that runs throughout their latest single, “Barf Day”. Here, peppy and anthemic pop punk melodies are contrasted with guitarist/vocalist Alex Luciano’s sobering reflections as she nurses a beer all alone on her 21st birthday. “Just like my plants/ Can’t keep anything alive,” she sings. “I’m sick of being my own best friend/ Will you be there in the end?”

    Stream it down below.


    “Barf Day” is off Diet Cig’s upcoming debut album, Swear I’m Good At This, due out April 7th through Frenchkiss. For more, hear “Tummy Ache”.

    Swear I’m Good At This Tracklist:
    01. Sixteen
    02. Bite Back
    03. Link in Bio
    04. Maid of the Mist
    05. Leo
    06. Apricots
    07. Barf Day
    08. Bath Bomb
    09. Blob Zombie
    10. Road Trip
    11. I Don’t Know Her
    12. Tummy Ache