Many of the contributions to Our First 100 Days have highlighted the struggles of the modern political and cultural landscape. That makes a lot of sense considering the compilation series was launched as a fundraising protest against the policies of the current administration. But it’s important to take some time for mental well-being in these tough times too, and that’s where Jens Lekman’s entry comes in.

Lekman has today shared a new track through the program called “Your Laugh”. It’s a breezy song filled with tropical guitars and warms strings that focus on the simple joys in life, like tickling an arm pit or doing a silly dance. “I’m just trying to make you laugh,” Lekman sings sweetly. “I love your laugh/ ‘Cause your laugh says I love you.” There’s nothing like a friendly laugh to brighten your day, so take a listen below.


Lekman recently released  Life Will See You Now through Secretly Canadian, part of the Secretly Group behind Our First 100 Days.