With her Netflix revival, Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino delivered a finale that simultaneously managed to put a bow on the series while also leaving the door open for new episodes. It appears Netflix is at least exploring the latter scenario, as chief content officer Ted Sarandos has confirmed that his company is in “very preliminary” talks for another season.

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Sarandos made the revelation while speaking with the U.K.’s press association. “We hope [there are more installments]. We obviously loved the success of the show, fans loved how well it was done, it delivered what they hoped,” he said, adding that “the worst thing is to wait a couple of years for your favorite show to come back and for it to disappoint you, but they sure delivered and people were really excited about more, and we have been talking to them about the possibility of that.”

Even if Netflix decides to move forward with additional episodes, there are a few potential road blocks standing in the way of a quick turnaround. As reported last week, Sherman-Palladino has a new series premiering soon over at Amazon. Meanwhile, Lorelai Gilmore’s Lauren Graham has a reoccurring role in the new season of Curb Your Enthusasiam, and Rory Gilmore’s Alexis Bledel is starring in Hulu’s new adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale.