When night falls and you’re home alone aching for attention, sometimes there’s only one thing to do: Booty call. Some folks might find the concept a little dirty, but it doesn’t have to be. Desire is one of nature’s most primal urges and giving into it can be as sensual as any other form of love. Besides, if someone beckons you like Pom Poms do on their new track, “Gimme You”, you’d be a fool not to answer.

The song is, as mononymous frontwoman Marlene puts it, “a sultry, moody plea for love past midnight.” Bass swings like the hem of a lace peignoir through a smoky room as drums snap dangerously behind it. Marlene’s vocals have the sound of poisoned ’60s soul, enticing yet menacing at the same time as she sings, “Black out/ Climb through my window/ You’re so good to get.” Take a listen via the video above.

“Gimme You” is the latest sample from Pom Poms’ forthcoming debut full-length, Turn You Out. Produced by Billy Mohler, the record is due May 12th via Make Records