Pitbull would like you to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for America, including Pitbull

The dopey rapper's narcissistic Memorial Day Twitter post has Twitter in a tizzy


    Ever notice the way certain celebrities will post an inspirational adage or offhand quote and bizarrely pair it with a photo of themselves? Just look at this gem from Hugh Jackman.

    This weird narcissism is mostly fine. Good for a chuckle or two. But it verges into absurdist douchebaggery when your post was meant to honor someone other than yourself. Earlier today, for example, rapper and producer Pitbull offered up a post urging us to “remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for America.” Being that this is Memorial Day, one might assume Pitbull was speaking of the fallen troops this day is meant to celebrate (he also hashtagged it #MemorialDay). It’s a curious choice, then, that Mr. Worldwide paired this sentiment with a photo of himself. And not only is it a photo of Pitbull, it’s a photo of Pitbull that sets his garish aviator sunglasses and cheesy-ass grin against a billowing American flag.

    Did Pitbull sacrifice himself for us? Or was this simply a case of a tone-deaf megalomanic ordering his 20-year social media intern to “write a post for the troops, but ensure it stays on brand”? Twitter had some thoughts.

    Let this be a lesson, kids. Not everything’s about you.

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