Melvins take over Consequence of Sound’s Instagram Story

Buzz will be giving CoS readers behind-the-scenes looks at the band as they travel across the country

  • 714 Melvins"Taking in the Northwest scenery"
  • 710 Melvins On Tour"Heading out of Los Angeles, going towards Fresno where we hear it is 116 degrees"
  • 77 Melvins On Tour 2"Dale & Steve powering up for tonight's LA show at the Troubadour"
  • 77 Melvins On Tour 1"Steve is enjoying our first night of the tour, here he is in San Diego"
  • Melvins A"Enjoying San Francisco"
  • Melvins B"Driving somewhere along the 5 as we head towards Portland"
  • Melvins C"Enjoying Pizza en route to Portland"
  • Melvins D"Buzz in contemplation"
  • Melvins E"Beaverton, Oregon Guitar Center electric drum off"
  • 718 Melvins B"Our tourmates for this 12-week run, Spotlights"
  • 718 Melvins A"Lost in Canada"
  • 719 Melvins IG Story"Buzz dresses up as Captain Sensible. Wot?"
  • 720 Melvins"Somewhere in Canada"
  • 721 Melvins A"Dale in van, a scene I've seen many times over the years"
  • 721 Melvins B"Enjoying our time at the Pyramid Cabaret in Winnipeg"
  • 724 Melvins 1"View through a dirty windshield"
  • 724 Melvins 2"The three amigos"
  • melvins1"Spotlights got some A Walk With Love & Death themed tattoos"
  • FullSizeRender (29)"Dale and I would like to thank the Academy..."
  • FullSizeRender (30)"Spotted in the backyard of El Club in Detroit"
  • 731 Melvins"Buzz in Detroit, surveying the backstage area"
  • FullSizeRender (31)"At the Andy Warhol Museum"
  • FullSizeRender (33)"On the road again"
  • FullSizeRender (34)"Making new friends everywhere we go"
  • FullSizeRender (39) (1)"At the World Trade Center, NYC"
  • FullSizeRender (38) (1)"Very friendly urinal"
  • FullSizeRender (42)"The line up"
  • FullSizeRender (41)"Power on the east coast"
  • FullSizeRender (35)"Enjoying the sights and sounds of nearby construction."
  • FullSizeRender"Enjoying the view from Squirrel Level"
  • 811 Melvins Full"Hungry on the way to Knoxville"
  • FullSizeRender (3)"Greetings from Louisville"
  • FullSizeRender (4)"Concrete art"
  • FullSizeRender (5)"Dale at his kit"
  • 821 Melvins Full Image"No clowning around at this truck stop"
  • 821 Melvins On Tour 2"My eyes!"

    Featured photo by Nina Corcoran

    Melvins recently hit the road for a massive, 12-week North American tour. Supporting their first-ever double album, A Walk with Love and Death, Buzz Osborne & co. will play gigs through October, Even better? Buzz will be giving CoS readers behind-the-scenes looks at the band as they travel across the country for our Instagram story. Be sure to look out for #MelvinsOnTour posts, and if you missed any, we’ve collected all of Buzz’s pictures below:



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