Roger Waters talks American politics, lauds Putin in interview with Russia Today: Watch

"[Putin] may be power hungry, but at least he's coherent. At least he can string a sentence together."


    Making for one of the more bizarre interviews in recent memory, Roger Waters recently sat down with Russia Today for a wide-ranging discussion on American politics. The television network is funded by the Russian government and has been accused by US intelligence agencies of spreading false information during the 2016 presidential election that ultimately led to Donald Trump’s victory. Throughout the interview, Anya Parampil asks Waters leading questions about the American government, its relationship with Russia, and the media’s obsession with Trump’s alleged ties to the country. Waters was more than willing to play ball, as he criticized America for its aggressive military policies and drone program as well as its support of Israel.

    Parampil remarked how Waters’ lyrics “still correspond perfectly with the current state of politics in the US,” to which Waters responded, “The White House is an “edifice that now has become symbolic of how detached politics, in the United States, and all over the western world, has become separated from its potential function which was for civil society to organize itself in a way to help society grow and develop, and that protects the civil and legal rights of its citizens,” Waters said. “The White House is now an edifice symbolic of the function of government which now seems to be to protect the wealthy elite who now run this country.”

    For his part, Waters remained critical of President Trump, calling him “supremely dumb” and “a nincompoop.” Compared to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Waters said, “[Trump] is a complete buffoon, who doesn’t make any sense. [He] knows nothing about anything,” adding, “[Putin] may be power hungry, but at least he’s coherent. At least he can string a sentence together. At least he reads about the political situations in places his countries are involved in.”


    “Obviously you’re not afraid to be called a Putin apologist,” Parampil noted, to which Waters replied, “That just gets back to the point that what’s important to the mainstream media is propaganda.”

    Waters chided the media for its coverage of Trump-Russian connection while ignoring more pressing issues, such as Israel’s treatment of Palestine, the abundance of corporate money in American politics,” and the threat of nuclear war.

    “This is the closest we’ve been to a nuclear catastrophe since the end of the second world war, and yet what do we talk about?” Waters commented. “We talk about heightening tensions with Russia,” Parampil responded. Waters replied, “And you have to ask yourself why we’d want to do this? Why this obsession with Russia? Maybe that’s the only tiny bit of sense Trump has made, it might be a good idea to have a conversation with Russia.”


    Waters also spoke of his feud with Radiohead over the band’s decision to play a concert in Tel Aviv, Israel. “When they cross the picket line, they are making a public statement that they do endorse the policies of the government, because that’s what gets reported in Israel, and around the world.”

    Watch the full interview below.


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