Recapping Twin Peaks: The Return from Beginning to End

David Lynch and Mark Frost have given us the strangest and most beautiful summer ever

Twin Peaks Season Three
Twin Peaks Season Three

    On Sunday, September 3rd, David Lynch and Mark Frost’s iconic series Twin Peaks comes to an end. In anticipation, Consequence of Sound will be reporting live from The Great Northern Hotel with some damn fine features all week. Today, we round up every recap of Twin Peaks: The Return, from the beginning with Part 1 to what will soon be the final episode, Part 18. Needless to say, it’s been a strange and wonderful journey that we’ll be revisiting quite often.

    From Sunday, May 21st to Sunday, September 3rd, Kelly McClure covered the Twin Peaks beat, recapping all of the chaos by attempting to step inside the mind of David Lynch and Mark Frost. Now, you can relive that madness by reading every one of her writeups, from the beginning to what will ultimately be the end with tonight’s two-part series (?) finale, which we’ll post here soon after.

    “Parts 1 and 2”

    “Parts 3 and 4”

    “Part 5”

    “Part 6”

    “Part 7”

    “Part 8”

    “Part 9”

    “Part 10”

    “Part 11”

    “Part 12”

    “Part 13”

    “Part 14”

    “Part 15”

    “Part 16”

    “Parts 17 and 18”

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