The 25 Most Anticipated Tours of Fall 2017

Here are 25 can't-miss reminders of why we love going to concerts in the first place.

    Yes, summer is not technically over yet, but it’s not too early to look forward to what’s coming up for the rest of the year. The last few months have brought a wave of excellent shows allowing us to soak up the warm air that the hottest months bring. This has included Lady Gaga as the first solo female headliner at Wrigley Field, the launch of the Gorillaz tour in Chicago, and a very limited run for Sufjan Stevens’ Planetarium. We’ve seen Roger Waters in an arena, Green Day in a stadium, and U2 in an even bigger stadium, all of which still had a hard time topping one of cinema’s best composers competing against Lollapalooza.

    Will fall be able to top the summer season? Time will tell. But with a lineup that includes one of electronic music’s most exciting figures presenting a 3-D event, one of rap’s elder statesman making a triumphant return to touring, and a guitar god reaching her showstopping peak with a brand-new album and visual presentation. Yeah, it’s gonna be a big finish to the year and enough to remind us why we love going to concerts in the first place.

    –Philip Cosores
    Executive Editor