Gord Downie’s posthumous new album, Introduce Yerself, released: Stream/download

The Tragically Hip frontman's final record is an ode to the people in his life


    Gord Downie passed away earlier this month after being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in 2015. Prior to his death, the Tragically Hip frontman finished a very purposeful final solo album. Entitled Introduce Yerself, it’s out today via Arts & Crafts and can be streamed below.

    Produced by Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene, Introduce Yerself follows 2016’s Polaris Prize-nominated Secret Path. It was written and recorded after Downie received his diagnosis, with many of the tracks being tracked in one take due to the uncertainty of how much time he would have. Recording took place in 2016 and again in early 2017, with Downie and Drew culling a 23-track double album from the sessions.

    Like David Bowie’s ★ (Blackstar) and Leonard Cohen’s You Want It DarkerIntroduce Yerself was written as something of an intentional sendoff. However, it is far more sentimental than those other two efforts, as Downie said each song is about a different person or place in his life. The title track itself is about a friend who was driving him around sometime after his invasive brain surgery; struggling with his memory, he wrote, “Introduce yerself” on his hand and showed it to the driver in an attempt to break the tension.


    Apple Music and Spotify users can take a listen below.

    Introduce Yerself Artwork:

    introyer Gord Downies posthumous new album, Introduce Yerself, released: Stream/download

    Introduce Yerself Tracklist:
    01. First Person
    02. Wolf’s Home
    03. Bedtime
    04. Introduce Yerself
    05. Coco Chanel No. 5
    06. Ricky Please
    07. Safe Is Dead
    08. Spoon
    09. A Natural
    10. Faith Faith
    11. My First Girlfriend
    12. Yer Ashore
    13. Love Over Money
    14. You, Me and the B’s
    15. Snowflake
    16. A Better End
    17. Nancy
    18. Thinking About Us
    19. The Road
    20. You Are the Bird
    21. The Lake
    22. Far Away and Blurred
    23. The North

    Watch Downie’s in-studio video for “The North”, documenting the creation of the album’s closing song.


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