Nathan Fielder has spent much of the last four seasons of Nathan For You helping small business owners make it in this competitive world. But on a recent episode, Fielder had to troubleshoot a problem he himself had: coming up with a really good talk show story. Without giving too much away, Fielder cleverly concocted a story involving an oversized suit and a baggy containing an unknown substance. He told the story during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last month, and again on Late Late Show with Seth Meyers earlier this month. However, for his appearance on Conan last night, Fielder was told he couldn’t recount the story for a third time. So, in order to avoid a potentially disastrous interview segment, Fielder brought along a “back-up guest” in Academy Award-winning actress Susan Sarandon. “That way, if it’s not working, or my story isn’t good, you have the ability to switch over to another guest,” Fielder explained to a bemused O’Brien. Watch the segment above.

Below, you can find Fielder’s previous appearances on Kimmel and Meyers.