Notorious flat-earther B.o.B. now claims slavery didn’t happen

Conspiracy theorist/rapper wonders how slavery could have happened before America


    “Fake news” may be the new phrase of 2017, but the idea of untruth has plagued humanity for decades. Conspiracy theorist are convinced that the world as it has been presented to us is false, a lie constructed by shadow leaders in order to keep the proletariat brainwashed. One oddly prominent truther is the Atlanta rapper B.o.B. In addition to believing secret societies are using hidden symbols to magically control people, the MC came out as a vehement flat-earther last year. Now, he’s taking his left-field theories even further by claiming that America’s great shame, slavery, never really existed.

    Yes, the “Out of My Mind” rapper’s latest claim is that the concept of African slavery was invented in order to hide the fact that black people have a natural claim to North American origins. In an Instagram post, B.o.B. points out a damning piece of evidence: if slavery lasted for 400 years but America is only 250 years old, then how…. Wait, no that makes no bloody sense. Of course slavery existed before the United States, all over the world; the first African indentured servants to come to the British Colonies arrived in 1619, 157 years before the US was founded.

    Those original slaves were captured by Dutch settlers from a Spanish slave ship — which is another concept B.o.B. struggles with. “You ever seen a slave ship?” he wrote. “They can find a billion year old dinosaur bone but can’t find any slave ships.” Well, first, the oldest dinosaur fossil is about 245 million years old, so slow your roll. Second, ignoring the fact that deep sea excavation of wooden ships trapped for hundreds of years under water is a far more scientifically, operationally, and financially trying task than paleontological digs, perhaps B.o.B. just hasn’t heard of the São José. That’s a Portuguese slave ship discovered two years ago off the coast of Mozambique.


    The video B.o.B. posted with his questions also suggests that European settlers actually took location names from the Americas back overseas to “change up chronology and geography, all the time-space coordinates to disorientate us.” That also means that — literally — north is south and east is west. In other words, everything is a lie and the lizard people are real.

    Here are the posts in question:

    Tl;dr B.o.B. is straight tweakin’.


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