Black Mirror season 4 now available on Netflix: Watch

Charlie Brooker's gripping anthology series is back with six new stories


    Get ready to question the value of everything around you again, as Black Mirror is back. The fourth season of the dark hit anthology series is now streaming on Netflix.

    Charlie Brooker once more wrote every episode of the show, with William Bridges helping out on the first one, “USS Callister”. That episode takes place on a Star Trek-esque space ship with a cast including Jesse Plemons (TV’s Fargo), Cristini Milioti (How I Met Your Mother), and Jimmi Simpson (Westworld)Jodie Foster directed episode two, “Arkangel”, which stars La La Land’s Rosemarie DeWittBirdman co-star Andrea Riseborough features in episode three, and Boardwalk Empire director/EP Tim Van Patten helms a story about a creepy new dating app. Hard Candy director David Slade tells a black-and-white tale about a world filled with dangerous “dogs,” while the final episode, “Black Museum”, is an anthology in and of itself.

    See teases of all these stories in the trailer below.


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