Netflix drops first trailer for Duncan Jones’ Mute and Paul Rudd looks bonkers: Watch

The latest sci-fi spectacle from David Bowie's son premieres on February 23rd


    With Mute, Duncan Jones looks to rebound after last year’s critical and commercial flop, Warcraft. Due out February 23rd via Netflix, the next sci-fi spectacle from the filmmaker has been dubbed a “spiritual sequel” to his 2009 cult classic, Moon, and stars Alexander SkarsgårdJustin Theroux, and one Bohemian-looking Paul Rudd. Today, the streaming giant finally dropped the film’s first trailer and, let’s just say, we’re Jonesing for it.

    Those looking for more eye candy after Denis Villeneuve’s incredible Blade Runner 2049 should rejoice. Not only does it look like the film’s set in the same universe, what with its neon accoutrements, but it also appears to touch upon similar themes. This one, however, takes place in Berlin some 40 years from today and follows a mute bartender (Skarsgard) searching for his girlfriend with the help of two American surgeons.

    Watch below.

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