Struggling to keep up with all the new TV shows and movies added to Netflix on a daily basis? Missed out on Clue ’cause you didn’t know it was leaving the streaming platform so soon? While there are some websites that compile such data, perhaps none do it as well as Flixable.

As seen on reddit, Flixable acts like a search engine but for Netflix’s comings, goings, and popular picks. Under the “Browse” tab, users can look up content by year (1900 to 2018), genre, and by IMDB rating. IMDB isn’t the last word on ratings per se, but it’s good to know that paranormal horror flick you’re queuing up scored a 2.7 out of 10 before you actually start popping the popcorn. If you’re looking at the page of a film or TV show, you’re given details on the director, cast, synopsis, and the specific date it was added to Netflix.

Elsewhere, the “Popular” tab displays films and TV shows that were added that day, week, month, etc. and their respective IMDB scores. “Leaving”, meanwhile, shows you just that — stuff that’s exiting the platform and its exact departure date.


For now, Flixable is only available in the US and Finland. Start searching here.