David Cross says Arrested Development cast “stands behind” Jeffrey Tambor in wake of sexual misconduct allegations

Tambor, who was fired from Amazon's Transparent last week, is set to reprise his role as George Bluth Sr. in the series fifth season

Jeffrey Tambor as George Bluth in Arrested Development

    Last week, Emmy-winning actor Jeffrey Tambor was officially fired as the star of Amazon’s Transparent after the streaming platform conducted an internal investigation into accusations of sexual misconduct made first by his former assistant, Van Barnes, and then by co-star Trace Lysette, both of whom are transgender. Now, some are questioning how the situation will impact the actor’s upcoming commitments, which include a return as George Bluth Sr. in the forthcoming fifth season of Arrested Development.

    In an interview with AM New York, David Cross, who plays Tobias Fünke on the series, says he and other members of the cast remain in support of Tambor. “I can’t speak for everybody, but I know there are a number of us who stand behind him — from the limited amount we know, we stand behind Jeffrey — and I am one of them.”

    Tambor has called the investigation into his behavior “deeply flawed” and “biased,” and also maintains that the accusations against him are “false.”


    Cross also seemed to acknowledge Tambor’s response in the interview. “I think it’s very curious that Amazon didn’t make public the results of their internal investigation,” he says. “I’m not sure why they would do that. I just know the whole thing is rather curious to me.” He doubts, however, that the situation will diminish Tambor’s role on Arrested Development, but notes that he’s “not in those offices or making those decisions.”

    Cross also shared some details regarding the upcoming season, which wrapped filming in November and, according to Cross, could drop as early as this spring. Specifically, he reveals that “Tobias’ extended family” will play a role in the proceedings. Previously, Netflix revealed that the entire original cast would be back for the fifth season, which, unlike the contentious fourth season, would be structured like the original broadcast series.

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