Few popular musicians these days can claim their catalog is credited almost entirely to themselves, but Prince was one of those artists. The Prolific Purple Penman shares only a handful of co-writing credits in his massive repertoire of songs. That includes his first-ever solo single, “Soft and Wet”, from his 1978 debut, For You. Prince is listed as the sole composer and performer on the track, but he splits lyricist credits with producer Chris Moon.  Now, you too can claim ownership of part of a Prince song, because Moon is putting his credits up for sale.

The producer, who used to own the Minneapolis studio where Prince laid down his first demos, is selling his percentage of “Soft and Wet” on eBay (via Star Tribune). The Buy-It-Now price is currently listed just shy of half-a-million at $490,000, but Moon is willing to consider the best offer. It’s worth noting that the price is almost entirely tied to bragging rights, as the song was barely a hit when it first came out, peaking at number 92 on the charts, and streaming has crippled the value of songwriting royalties.

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“Anyone who buys this probably shouldn’t be doing it for financial purposes,” Moon told the Star Tribune. “It’s more about owning one of the most unique collectibles ever related to Prince.”


Still, it would make a hell of a Valentine’s Day gift for the lover in your life. “I have enjoyed hearing the song countless times over the years, been paid well and am proud of it,” Moon said in the eBay listing. “It has achieved everything and more for me so I feel it is time to pass the torch to a Prince fan who will continue to cherish and enjoy owning it as much as I have.”

Listen to “Soft and Wet” below.