John Carpenter’s Halloween Totally Deserves a Four-Hour Discussion

It's 1978, baby! Grab a beer and listen to us carve out the pumpkin that started it all!

Halloween (Trancas International Pictures)

    “Death has come to your little town, Sheriff.”

    Welcome back to another episode of Halloweenies, a limited series on the Consequence Podcast Network that finds McKenzie Gerber, Dan Caffrey, Justin Gerber, and Michael Roffman slicing and carving through one Halloween movie at a time as they trick or treat towards the October 19th release of David Gordon Green’s highly anticipated sequel.

    This month, the four Halloweenies hop into a BMW and head 150 miles to Haddonfield, Illinois, where Michael Myers has returned home. Yes, they’re revisiting the movie that started it all — John Carpenter’s 1978 classic, Halloween — and, boy, is this episode a whopper. How long? Well, let’s just say you could watch the film at least two times over.

    Listen above and sleep tight, kids.

    Chapters include:
    — Introductions
    — Mr. Sandman, Bring Me a Tweet (20:00)
    — Smith’s Grove Archives (45:25)
    — September Girls (1:03:49)
    — Michael Myers Was 21 (1:28:00)
    — Buds and Bobs (1:55:45)
    — WKNB (2:33:00)
    — And One of Them Was Annie! (2:44:45)
    — One Good Scare (2:50:20)
    — Getoutnow! (2:57:30)
    — Haddonfield Times (3:03:00)
    — The Timeline (3:12:30)
    — Vincent’s Drug Store (3:20:00)
    — Final Thoughts (3:42:40)
    — Outro (3:47:30).