HBO drops Super Bowl trailer for Westworld season two: Watch

Start theorizing in five ... four ... three ... two ...


    It’s been over a year since HBO’s Western sci-fi thriller Westworld logged off with its inaugural season finale. Since then, the show’s following has only evolved and expanded, mostly thanks to its Reddit-ready premise that continues to pretzel the minds of fans both new and old. Fortunately, the series returns this year, and those very diehards now have some new footage to scan through, thanks to the latest trailer that just dropped.

    Unlike the Comic-Con teaser that left everyone’s android appetites afire last summer, this Super Bowl trailer provides a little more insight into everyone’s favorite robotic world. As expected, Evan Rachel Wood, Jeffrey WrightThandie Newton, and Ed Harris returns to the wild frontier, ready to spar with newcomers to the cast like Katja HerbersJonathan Tucker, and Neil Jackson. Watch the trailer below before you start theorizing.


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