CoS Readers’ Poll Results: Favorite Sufjan Stevens Albums

Your picks for Stevens' best LPs in celebration of Seven Swans' 14th anniversary

Sufjan Stevens, photo by Kris Fuentes Cortes
Sufjan Stevens, photo by Kris Fuentes Cortes

    In honor of the 14th anniversary of Sufjan Stevens’s fourth studio album, Seven Swans, our latest Readers’ Poll asked for your favorite album by the singer-songwriter. From the woodsy footprints of 2004’s Seven Swans to the grief in Carrie & Lowell, Stevens’ talent for emotion-ridden storytelling is grand and full of beauty among his seven studio albums.

    Feel free to consult any of our album reviews for Sufjan Stevens. Also, check out a complete studio album ranking by CoS readers and stream all the records in one handy playlist below:

    07. Enjoy Your Rabbit

    06. A Sun Came

    05. Michigan

    04. Seven Swans 

    03. The Age of Adz

    02. Carrie & Lowell

    Sufjan Stevens Carrie and Lowell

    01. Illinois