Hall of Faces: “Who’s the Greatest Character in the Marvel Cinematic TV Universe?”

Surely, someone from the nine interconnected shows deserves a spot in the pantheon

The Defenders, Netflix

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    Deep in the bowels of CPN Studios, there lies a chamber only the greatest TV characters can enter – the funniest, the grumpiest, the maddest visages the television medium has to offer. There, we honor the breakout comic relief, the magnetically flawed protagonist, the one-time guest character that defines an entire series. This is where we hoard TV’s most valuable visages. This… is the Hall of Faces.


    For this sophomore entry in the Hall of Faces, Allison and Clint are joined by The Televerse’s Kate Kulzick and TheAndrewBlog’s Andrew Bloom to see if any of the characters in Marvel’s gargantuan, nine-show interconnected TV show universe deserve a spot in the pantheon.

    Will it be David Tennant’s devious Kilgrave or Hayley Atwell’s badass Peggy Carter? Jon Bernthal’s bloody-sexy Frank Castle, or Alfre Woodard’s conniving Black Mariah from Luke Cage? Strap on your Infinity Gauntlets and listen to find out which (if any) made it into this extremely legitimate, not-at-all-made-up canon!