At just 27, Margot Robbie is already putting together a formidably diverse filmography, from last year’s Oscar-nominated turn in I, Tonyato her star-making work as one of Scorsese’s all-time great criminal molls in The Wolf of Wall Street, to Suicide Squad, which uh, made many millions of dollars for Warner Bros.

Now, she’ll try on what’s becoming an increasingly fashionable Hollywood mode these days: the protagonist of a neon-drenched movie about dystopic, futuristic urban underworlds. Terminal, writer-director Vaughn Stein‘s feature-length debut, follows Robbie as Annie, a mysterious and murderous player in an assassination plot involving a pair of hired guns (Simon Pegg and Dexter Fletcher). Also, as suggested by the film’s first trailer, Mike Myers is somehow involved, and once again wearing a prosthetic face onscreen.

The neo-noir style adopted by Terminal seems to be all the rage these days; it’s almost as though Blade Runner 2049 was a great idea, even if not nearly enough people happened to catch it during its theatrical run. Whether Stein can capture the emotional angst lurking under so many of the greats in the subgenre remains to be seen, but it’s hard to imagine a better fit for the stylized double-crossing of old-style noir than Robbie. Audiences will be able to see for themselves when Terminal hits theaters on May 11th.