Netflix shares impressive first trailer for Lost in Space reboot: Watch

This ain't your old man's Lost in Space

Netflix's Lost in Space Reboot
Netflix’s Lost in Space Reboot

    Nobody needed a reboot of the hokey ’60s sci-fi series Lost In Space—see: 1998’s failed, Matt LeBlanc-starring adaptation—but nothing gets made without hitching itself to some kind of existing property these days. The good news is that creators have discovered a name is simply that, and the bones of a property can be fashioned into something bold and vibrant with a little creativity. We’ve seen it with Noah Hawley’s Fargo, with Jason Katims’ Friday Night Lights, and now we might be seeing it with Neil Marshall’s Lost in Space.

    Today, Netflix shared the series’ first trailer. It looks legit, with stunning intergalactic landscapes, breakneck action, and a slick-looking robot. The cast is solid, too, with Parker Posey and Deadwood’s Molly Parker joining Tobey Stephens, Ignacio Serricchio, and Max Jenkins as young Will Robinson. And Marshall’s bonafides speak for themselves: After making one of the best horror movies of this century with The Descent, the director went on to helm landmark episodes of Game of Thrones, Hannibal, and Westworld.

    Set 30 years in the future, the series follows the Robinson family who get stranded in a dangerous alien environment, where they form a queasy alliance with Posey’s Dr. Smith and Serricchio’s Don West while also coming under the care of a friendly robot. See the trailer below.



    All episodes of Lost in Space will hit Netflix on April 13th.

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