Mike Skinner’s revived grime hip-hop project The Streets returned in December with “Burn Bridges” and “Sometimes I Hate My Friends More Than My Enemies”, which marked his first new music since 2011’s Computers and Blues. Another track, “If You Ever Need to Talk I’m Here”, came as January left, and now Skinner has revealed a fourth offering in “Boys Will Be Boys”.

The new song is filled with brassy bass, a storm of pounding low end that rolls in intimidatingly as if out of nowhere. Skinner raps about getting “loose in the hoose/ And when it’s no hats and no hoods, still cute in the shoes/ Boys will be boys and so will some men/ Never go out naked/ Never at home dressed.” Elsewhere, Skinner’s fellow UK MC Jaykae also shows up for a few fiery bars of his own. Take a listen below.


The Streets will embark on their first tour in six years this April. The European shows will showcase many of Skinner’s biggest hits, and you can find the full schedule here.