TV Party: “The One with Krypton’s Cameron Cuffe: On Working with David S. Goyer and Creating a New Superman Myth”

Plus, Allison and Clint weigh in on John Oliver's Bitcoin rant, NBC's Rise, and ABC's Deception

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    For their latest trick, Allison and Clint (along with their lovely assistants Dominick Suzanne-Mayer and Caroline Siede) patter about ABC’s newest, weirdest magician/cop procedural, Deception! Is it secretly amazing, or does it just provide the illusion of quality? Or is it both?


    Along the way, our hosts also celebrate John Oliver’s deep dive into Bitcoin, discuss the premiere of NBC’s painfully earnest musical theater drama Rise, and talk about Syfy’s upcoming superhero prequel series Krypton with the show’s star, Cameron Cuffe.


    This Week in TV:
    Consensus: Deception (ABC)
    20:15 – Caroline: For the People (ABC)
    22:43 – Allison: Timeless, “The War to End All War” (NBC)
    26:52 – Dominick: Superstore, “Amnesty” (NBC)
    30:07 – Clint: Wild Wild Country (Netflix)

    Last Week This Week:
    32:23 – John Oliver’s Bitcoin segment on Last Week Tonight (HBO)
    36:40 – TV News: Claire Foy/Matt Smith’s salary inequities on The Crown, The Clarissa Explains It All reboot
    43:34 Secret Pearson: This is Us (NBC)


    Overly Specific Thing of the Week:
    49:45 – Clint: Car Disposal Gag of the Week – Mae Whitman’s Bluetooth call from Good Girls, “Borderline” (NBC)
    52:38 – Caroline: Legend in Skinny Jeans of the Week: Bernadette Peters in Mozart in the Jungle (Amazon); Worst In-World Casting Choices of the Week: Rise (NBC)
    56:37 – Allison: Jumpsuit for the Gods of the Week: Andrew’s red confection on American Crime Story (FX); Destroy My DVR Moment of the Week – VH1’s Drag Race DVR slipup
    59:09 – Dominick: Climactic Cameo of the Week: Michael Vick on Atlanta, “Moneybag Shawty” (FX)

    Next Week in TV:
    1:01:21 – Allison: Station 19 (ABC)
    1:03:42 – Caroline: American Crime Story finale (FX)
    1:04:17 – Clint: Krypton pilot (feat. interview w/ star Cameron Cuffe)
    1:17:02 – Dominick: Barry premiere (HBO)

    1:18:42 – Discovery Special of the Week: Love at First Flight: The Journey Begins, “First Impressions” (Lifetime)