“Welcome to the library, young man. Don’t tell me. You’re here for a special book.”

Constant Listeners, every once and a while we make a revelation so shocking and so confounding that we can only sit in a dazed stupor and shake our heads in disbelief. Such is the case when we recently learned that our own Master of Horror had his hand in one of our favorite animated films.

Confused? Join Losers Mel Kassel, McKenzie Gerber, Michael Roffman, and Justin Gerber to find out why they’re revisiting the magical world of Macaulay Culkin’s 1994 popcorn classic, The Pagemaster. Spoiler: You’ll never look at Sai King the same way ever again.

Listen below and return next week for another installment of Needful Tweets, Hollywood King, and Bag of Bones. In the meantime, don’t forget to show your support and leave us a glowing review on iTunes. We love those.


Chapters include: Intro, History, The Hook (19:27), Heroes & Villains (25:37), The Sematary (48.37), Poundcake (44:04), King’s Dominion (49:29), and Overall Thoughts (56:47)


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