Hall of Faces: “Who’s the Greatest Character on Mad Men?”

Is it Peggy Olsen? Joan Harris? Betty Draper? Don Draper?

Mad Men (AMC)

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    With The Handmaid’s Tale returning on April 26th via Hulu, Allison and Clint bring on Kate Kulzick of The Televerse and The A.V. Club staff writer Gwen Ihnat to revisit the home of Elisabeth Moss’ biggest Peak TV role, Mad Men!


    Which member of Sterling Cooper/SCDP/SCP makes it into our prestigious Hall of Faces? Is it Peggy Olsen? Don Draper? Betty Draper? Joan Harris? Listen and find out!

    Along the way, we also discuss the wigs and workroom drama of the latest Drag Race, Tig Notaro joining Star Trek Discovery, and the premieres of Killing Eve and Lost in Space.

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    3:57 – TV News: 
    Peabody nominees, Tig Notaro joining Star Trek DiscoveryNOS4A2 series order at AMC, Kyle Chandler cast in Hulu’s Catch-22


    15:59 – This Week in TV:
    Kate: RuPaul’s Drag Race, “The Last Ball on Earth” (VH1)
    Clint: Lost in Space (Netflix) (hon. mention: The Expanse, “Fight or Flight” (Syfy))
    Gwen: New Girl, “About Three Years Later” (FOX)
    Allison: Killing Eve, “Nice Face” and “I’ll Deal With Him Later” (BBC America)

    Hall of Faces: Mad Men
    38:00 – Introduction
    41:09 – Backups
    53:15 – Main Picks
    1:18:28 – Who Would NOT Have Made the List
    1:22:04 – Favorite Moment
    1:31:38 – Picking the Winner

    1:42:22 – Next Week in TV:
    Gwen: Riverdale, “A Night to Remember” (CW)
    Allison: Laurie Metcalf’s guest turn on Supergirl, “Schott Through the Heart” (CW)
    Kate: season finales of Jane the Virgin and Black Lightning (CW)
    Clint: Westworld, “Journey Into Night” (HBO)