A few weeks back, Tyler, the Creator let loose an excellent one-off single called “Okra”. The Odd Future rapper is back again, now with a new remix in hand.

Tyler has retooled “Bring It Back”, a Mike WiLL Made-It-produced joint featuring bars from Drake and Trouble. The Odd Future leader’s version sees him dropping in an all-new verse.

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According to Tyler, he loved the original after just one listen. “Travis (Taco) played me this song last week and the pocket of the snare and kick drum had me like wow,” he wrote on Twitter this evening. “Then I heard the guy rap, Trouble is his name, and I was like wow I love this song. I FaceTime’d Mike Will and was like wow this song, and he sent the instrumental and I was like bet, this will be fun.”


Take a listen to the “Bring It Back” remix below.

Here’s the original for comparison:

“Bring It Back” appears on Trouble’s Edgewood mixtape. Tyler’s last full-length came with Flower Boy in 2017. He recently contributed to Kali Uchis’ impressive debut album, Isolation. Earlier today, Childish Gambino announced US tour dates with Tyler, the Creator; find that itinerary here.