Beach House share hypnotic new album, 7: Stream

The dream pop act's first album recorded in their home studio

Beach House, photo by Philip Cosores

    Today marks the release of Beach House’s 7, the dream-pop outfit’s aptly titled seventh studio album. Subscribers of Apple Music and Spotify can stream it below.

    follows 2015’s,Depression Cherry and Thank Your Lucky Starsas well as last year’s B-Sides and Rarities project, and marks the band’s departure from long-time producer Chris Coady. The album’s creation coincided with the completion of the band’s home studio, where they recorded the album alongside their live drummer James Barone and Peter Kember, who you may know as producer Sonic Boom.

    “[S]omewhere along the line, we had the idea to avoid the studio, which stifles us,” Alex Scally told Stereogum in a recent interview. “We decided to get some equipment and put it in our practice space and record at a high level without spending all this money to go somewhere else. And that ended up being a huge boon for us creatively. Woah, we can just make a record all of the time and no one can tell us what to do.


    That sense of freedom has given way to fresh, surprising early singles like “Dive”, “Dark Spring”, “Black Car”, and “Lemon Glow”. In our review, David Sackllah praises the album’s “restless energy” before lauding 7 as their “most compelling record in years.”

    Listen to the album in full:


    7 Artwork:

    7 Tracklist:
    01. Dark Spring
    02. Pay No Mind
    03. Lemon Glow
    04. L’Inconnue
    05. Drunk in LA
    06. Dive
    07. Black Car
    08. Lose Your Smile
    09. Woo
    10. Girl of the Year
    11. Last Ride