Justice announce new album, Woman Worldwide

Due out August 24th, the album aims to capture the band's live evolution


    Justice’s live show is an integral part of the French dance outfit’s raison d’etre. Aware of this reliance, they’ve spent the past decade punctuating their studio releases with live recordings that demonstrate how the duo’s songs take on new forms and resonances with an audience. Now, Justice are bringing those reinterpreted live versions into the studio for their latest release, Woman Worldwide.

    Woman Worldwide is slated for release on August 24th via Ed Banger Records/Because Music. The 15-track effort gives a refined polish to the evolutions of Justice’s back catalog. Whereas their live albums A Cross the Universe and Access All Arenas were true live albums, Woman Worldwide features entirely new studio versions of tracks from the duo’s previous studio records: 2007’s Cross; 2011’s Audio, Video, Disco; and 2016’s Woman.

    The album’s announcement comes on the heels of the duo’s new, animated music video for “Stop”, which you can revisit below.


    Woman Worldwide Tracklist:
    01. Safe and Sound
    02. D.A.N.C.E.
    03. Canon x Love S.O.S.
    04. Genesis x Phantom
    05. Pleasure’ x Newjack x Helix x Civilization
    06. Heavy Metal x ‘DVNO
    07. Stress
    08. Love S.O.S.
    09. Alakazam! x Fire
    10. Waters of Nazareth x We Are your Friends x Phantom 2 x Alakazam!
    11. Chorus
    12. Audio, Video, Disco
    13. Stop
    14. Randy
    15. D.A.N.C.E’ x Fire x Safe and Sound (Bonus Track)