Kanye’s tweets become a horror movie in SNL’s “A Kanye Place” digital short: Watch

"Did he say poopidy scoooop?"

SNL's "A Kanye Place" digital short
SNL’s “A Kanye Place” digital short

    There’s a case to be made that Kanye’s recent tweets are not just problematic, but also dangerous — especially since Donald Trump’s re-election campaign is fundraising off of Kanye’s pro-Trump comments. On the latest episode of SNL, the repercussions of Kanye’s tweets were especially harrowing. In a digital short parodying the recent horror movie A Quiet Place, a group including Donald Glover are attempting to remain quiet as to not be taken by monsters. The only problem? Kanye is tweeting. Watch the very funny “A Kanye Place” short below.

    You can watch more from last night’s SNL, which was hosted by Glover, here.