Good news for you: Nathan for You is back on Hulu, for you

Nathan Fielder's excellent comedy returns to the world of streaming

Nathan For You Nathan Fielder Blue Suit
Nathan Fielder (Comedy Central)

    One of the best television shows of 2017 is now available to stream, so get ready to laugh (and cringe) a lot:

    The beloved, totally-not-hacking-the-Emmys series Nathan For You has been off the streaming giant since Viacom (and thus Comedy Central) ended its contract with Hulu in 2017. But now Nathan Fielder’s how is back and ready to stream, including the masterful, feature-length “Finding Frances”. Here’s what our own Randall Colburn had to say about the episode in last year’s best-of list:

    “Finding Frances”, the season (and maybe series?) finale, both functions as a traditional episode of Nathan for You — Mud 2: Never Clean is classic NFY — and a revealing look at the sense of untrustworthiness that emerges when our minds believe the lies our hearts tell us. In questioning what’s real in the realm of human emotion, Nathan also offers a stealth exploration of the ways in which cameras and context inevitably color our concept of what’s real. It’s one of the best movies you’ll see all year.

    Pretty good, huh? If that doesn’t convince you, think of it this way: now that Hulu makes it pretty darn hard to tell when something is set to expire, it’s best to get all your viewing in while you still can.


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