Ryan Adams has been promising a lot of music lately. Last month, he teased that he had four records ready to go — including the long-lost Blackhole album — in addition to 17 new songs. In the weeks since, he’s been posting images on Instagram of himself working at New York’s iconic Electric Lady Studios, and it looks like he now has even more material awaiting release.

According to one post, Adams recorded up to 50 songs over his time at ELS. He even shared a list of some of the potential track titles, broken down into acoustic, rock, piano, and “unknown” categories with titles like “Things Are Losing Meaning”, “Fuck the Rain”, “Blizzard in the Room”, and “The Opposite of Love”. There are also tracks called “Big Colors” and “Power”, words which also appear on a manila folder and are referenced throughout his messages. “I don’t know what this is we made but it was the best session I ever did,” he wrote in a July 17th post, apparently from his last day in studio. “I only dream in Big Colors now.”

Also a mystery is the role of a very special guest who joined Adams during his final night in the studio. “Oh hi there, Miley!” Adams wrote in a post featuring himself with Miley Cyrus. “Now that’s one radiating beautiful friend with some good vibes on our last night in.”


Who knows what all this means. Maybe Cyrus was just in town and swinging by to say hi to a friend. Maybe she hopped in the studio and added to Adams’ 50 tracks. Maybe Big Colors will be the next album he announces. It’s all speculation at this point, but check out the images below for proof that it really happened.