In Photos: Cake, Ben Folds at Queens’ Forest Hills Stadium (8/17)

A pleasant, feel-good evening in New York's smallest stadium venue

Ben Folds and Cake In Photos Review Queens New York Forest Hills Stadium Ben Kaye
Ben Folds and Cake, photos by Ben Kaye

    In the thick of a sticky, humid New York City summer, sometimes it just takes the right show at the right time to make you feel refreshed. With a storm threatening over the horizon but never quite arriving Friday evening, Queens’ remarkably intimate Forest Hills Stadium had just the right temperature for a perfect outdoor concert. And with Ben Folds and Cake taking the stage for their co-headlining tour, there was just the right amount of slightly nostalgic vibes for a feel-good break from the heat.

    Folds began his set solo, but was soon joined by openers Tall Heights by the end of “Annie Waits”. He also had his own band members, including a harmonica player in place of a bassist, bringing a unique and fun sound to hits like “Jesusland” and “Levi Johnston’s Blues”. Unfortunately, Cake were forced to end their set early (likely because of the threatening lightning creeping in from behind the stadium seating). Still, they managed to cram in a 12-song set that hit all the highlights (“Never There”, “The Distance”) and a nice surprise for the encore: a cover of Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs”.

    Photographer Ben Kaye was there to capture the night, and you can see his gallery below, followed by setlists for both acts. Follow him and Consequence of Sound on Instagram.


    Ben Folds Setlist:
    Phone in a Pool
    The Ascent of Stan
    Annie Waits
    Battle of Who Could Care Less
    Forest Hills
    Levi Johnston’s Blues
    So There
    You Don’t Know Me
    Still Fighting It
    Do it Anyway
    Zak and Sara
    Rockin’ the Suburbs
    Not the Same

    Cake Setlist:
    Frank Sinatra
    Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps
    Long Time
    Sinking Ship
    Stickshifts & Safetybelts
    Sad Songs and Waltzes
    Opera Singer
    Sick of You
    Never There
    Short Skirt/Long Jacket
    The Distance
    War Pigs (Black Sabbath cover)


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