Nicki Minaj appeared on Monday night’s Late Show to promote her new album, Queen. While the rapper didn’t perform, she proved she’s just as entertaining a couch guest as she is a musical one.

After discussing the record’s artwork — which CBS chose to partially blur out — Colbert brought up the track “Barbie Dreams”. When the host pointed out he wasn’t included on the long list of names Minaj mentions in the song about guys who can’t get with her, he asked what a verse about him would sound like. After a brief pause, the rapper began, “I might [bleep] Stephen after the show/ He gon’ come back to work with a magical glow.” That was enough to make Colbert completely frazzled and Jon Batiste rise to his feet in laughter, but Minaj wasn’t done. “But when you see us, please [bleep] don’t stare,” she continued. “Just address me as Queen Nicki Colbert.”

Later, Colbert returned the favor by trying his hand at rapping the Queen cut “LLC”. He did admirably at first, but once Minaj banged out a beat for him, his bars got even better. She then took a stab at the hosting job by delivering a monologue joke about President Trump.


Minaj also talked about how some of the men named in “Barbie Dreams” responded to the lyrics. While many found it amusing, a few unnamed individuals apparently reached out to her with mixed opinions, though she wasn’t about to say who. Elsewhere, she explained why she thinks former Vice President Joe Biden is definitely a butt guy. “Anytime a white person gets the pass that they can be invited to the cook out, that means they probably likes big butts,” she said.

Colbert and Minaj seriously play off each other insanely well, and the whole nearly 10-minute thing is damn amusing. Check it out below.