Just days after being accused of disturbing sexual abuse allegations, The Orwells have decided to break up. “The Orwells have disbanded,” the group posted on their official Instagram account this afternoon.

In an extensive reddit thread posted over the weekend, a number of sexual abuse allegations were made against band members Mario Cuomo, Henry Brinner, and Grant Brinner. Among them: accusations of rape, sexual abuse, sexual interactions with underaged girls, sending unsolicited nudes and videos, and sexual manipulation. Additionally, Cuomo specifically has been denounced for homophobic and transphobic behavior, as well as aggressive altercations with fans and venue staff.

The Orwells responded on Monday by canceling their November 23rd concert at the Metro in Chicago, their hometown. They also issued a statement refuting what they called “baseless allegations brought as a personal attack against us.”


“While callow altercations and vulgar language we’ve used in the past must be recognized and owned up to, the accusations of sexual assault are completely unfounded,” the garage rockers continued. “No member of this band has ever acted without consent or maliciously taken advantage of anyone.”

Since forming in 2009, The Orwells have released three full-length albums, the most recent being 2017’s unfortunately named Terrible Human Beings. In support of that record, they hit the road with the Pixies as well as delivered multiple memorable festival sets.

Editor’s Note: Consequence of Sound has begun its own independent investigation on the claims against The Orwells. If you have any information, you can email us here.