Aubrey Plaza and Brian Tyree Henry cast in Child’s Play reboot

FX stars sign onto the new movie from writer Tyler Burton Smith and director Lars Klevberg

Aubrey Plaza brian tyree henry Child's Play Chucky Casting
Aubrey Plaza and Brian Tyree Henry cast in Child’s Play

    Chucky has claimed his first new victims. Collider reports that FX stars Aubrey Plaza (Legion) and Bryan Tyree Henry (Atlanta) have joined the new Child’s Play reboot from MGM.

    Coming from director Lars Klevberg (the forthcoming Polaroid) and writer Tyler Burton Smith (the equally forthcoming Kung Fury 2), the film looks to be a complete reimagining of the Child’s Play franchise. This time around, the story will center on a group of kids who do battle with “a technologically-advanced doll,” which may not even be called Chucky. If the idea of kids-vs-monster sounds a little like It, you shouldn’t be surprised to learn David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith are producing the movie.

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    Reports say Plaza has signed on to play one of the kids’ mother, while Smith’s role is likely that of a detective, though that’s not unconfirmed.


    Even if this film doesn’t feature the return of Chucky (or Brad Dourif as his voice), there’s another project in the works that likely will. Original series creator Don Mancini is reportedly at work on an eight-part Child’s Play TV series. It’s not yet known if either of these projects will feature the absurd level of humor the original franchise reached over its seven entries.

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