Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper unveil “Shallow” from A Star is Born: Stream

The soaring, catchy ballad was first previewed in the film's trailer

Lady Gaga Bradley Cooper A Star Is Born
Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper, A Star is Born

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    Nowadays, there are two songs pervading the global consciousness in innumerable, life-changing ways. One is “Zendaya is Meechee” — the other, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper‘s soaring, catchy ballad from their upcoming film A Star is Born, “Shallow”, is finally out in full for the universe to absorb.

    Audiences first heard the song in snippets from the film’s infamous teaser trailer, in which director-star Cooper plays a grizzled, alcoholic musician who discovers Gaga’s underappreciated songbird. The song, which Gaga co-wrote with collaborators Mark Ronson, Andrew Wyatt and Anthony Rossomando, is a touching slow burn of a ballad that highlights Gaga’s incredible range, while showing off Cooper’s heretofore unknown musical chops. Watch the music video for “Shallow” below.


    The track premiered on Apple Music’s Beats 1 Radio, where Gaga spoke about the film and her collaboration with Cooper. Listen below.


    A Star is Born comes to theaters October 5th, and its official soundtrack rolls out that same day via Interscope Records.

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