Ghost’s Papa Emeritus and Sister Imperator offer critique of Omen movie series

"When you start episode four, you have to do a lot of rebuilding"

Papa Emeritus Ghost
YouTube: Ghost

    To coincide with the announcement that they’ll be supporting Metallica next year on a European trek, Ghost have unveiled the latest installment of their webisode series. In the amusing clip, dubbed “Chapter V: The Call”, the recently injured Sister Imperator and the elderly Papa Emeritus offer their opinion of the Omen movie franchise.

    Sister Imperator, who was involved in a serious car crash in the previous webisode, is seen in a hospital room, where she phones Papa, and the two begin to offer a critique about the Omen movies, agreeing that the first three movies are great except for the “shitty ending” of the third movie.

    Then they get into the fourth movie, drawing a parallel to Ghost’s own career. “And then there’s No. 4, which feels like an excuse to bring in a new director and try to get the ending right,” says Sister Imperator. To which Papa replies, “Whenever you have a new creative team, when you start episode four, you have to do a lot of rebuilding.”


    Of course, Ghost themselves have had to do a lot of rebuilding, revamping their lineup and introducing Cardinal Copia as the new frontman with the release of their fourth album, Prequelle, earlier this year.

    The phone call then changes direction suddenly, with Papa fantasizing about Sister Imperator. Watch the clip below:

    Ghost will be headlining tours of North America this fall and Europe in the late winter before heading out in support of Metallica next year. See the band’s full list of dates here.