Odesza’s Life is Beautiful set ends with a dangerous firework display

A "terrifying" and "traumatic" rogue firework flew into the crowd

Odesza's fireworks crowd dangerous Life is Beautiful
Odesza’s fireworks at Life is Beautiful Festival 2018

    Odesza closed out their set at Life is Beautiful on Sunday with a bang — unfortunately, not the kind they’d like.

    To conclude their performance at the Las Vegas music festival, the electropop duo set off a barrage of fireworks into the sky. One rogue firework ended up flying straight into the crowd, however, as TMZ points out.

    Scores of festival attendees took to Twitter to post video footage of the frightening moment. “Dude, one of the fireworks went into the crowd during Odesza’s set That shit was terrifying, I hope the people that were in that area are okay,” wrote one person. Another expressed sheer shock, “omg a firework literally flew out into the crowd and hit a girl and popped anyway during Odesza.”


    Others insisted Life is Beautiful and Odesza promptly address the dangerous situation. “I was having a great time until a rogue firework literally exploded in front of our faces — is anyone going to accept responsibility?”

    It’s unclear how many audience members were injured. We’ve reached out to representatives for both Odesza and the music festival for comment. See video footage as well as those concerned tweets below.

    Update: TMZ reports that two festival-goers suffered minor injuries. One person was hit in the stomach and the other person in the eye. Both individuals were treated on scene. Law enforcement tel TMZ that one of the pyrotechnics fell over, causing a rogue firework to fire into the audience.

    Odesza performed at Life is Beautiful in support of their latest album, 2017’s A Moment Apart. The three-day festival also included sets from Arcade Fire, Florence and the Machine, The Weeknd, St. Vincent, and Travis Scott.