Paul McCartney performs “Come on to Me”, surprises fans on Fallon: Watch

Celebrating the release of his new solo album, Egypt Station


Jimmy Fallon and Paul McCartney

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    Paul McCartney celebrated the release of his new record, Egypt Station, with an appearance on The Tonight Show last night. The former Beatle did everything on the show: performing, dancing, chatting, and even participating in a bit where he surprised fans.

    For his performance, Sir Macca delivered the early Egypt Station single “Come on to Me”. The peppy number showed just how vital the 76-year-old rocker still is, even 17 solo albums in. He also still knows how to please his fans, as he invited a stunned Jimmy Fallon to sing along on one final refrain of the hook, which The Roots joined in on as well. Check out the replay below.

    The show actually started with a cold open that saw McCartney walking in on fellow guest Kendall Jenner dancing with Fallon to the Egypt Station single “Fuh You”. Later, he took part in another bit where he and the late night host surprised fans on a tour of 30 Rock. The stunned pedestrians were stuck in an elevator as the doors opened to reveal Fallon and the musical legend reading the newspaper, playing ping-pong, and performing magic.


    Macca also sat down on the comfy chairs to have a chat about his new record and career. During the course of the discussion, he touched on the backlash from John Lennon’s infamous “We’re bigger than Jesus” comment, singing “Hey Jude” to a fan at a restaurant, and how Fallon tried to imitate his hair cut from the McCartney II cover during his Weekend Update days. At one point, Fallon even dialed up his childhood number to fulfill a lifelong dream of getting a phone call from McCartney, his favorite singer. Perhaps even better (or worse?) for Fallon, Macca improvised a little ditty about how much he hates the Tonight Show host.

    Biggest of all for fans, though, was a tease McCartney dropped about a secret gig tonight (Friday, September 7th) in New York City. He hinted pretty strongly that the performance would take place at Grand Central Station, and recent Twitter activity strongly suggests that’s the case.

    Watch all the clips below.

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