Portugal. the Man perform “So Young” on Meyers: Watch

The band's umpteenth televised performance in support of their Grammy-winning Woodstock

Portugal the Man So Young Late Night with Seth Meyers
Portugal. the Man on Late Night with Seth Meyers

    Portugal. the Man are running out of TV shows to perform on in support of 2017’s Woodstock. So far, they’ve done ConanEllenColbert, and Kimmel, upping the ante each time with things like marching bands and children’s choirs. Last night, they checked Seth Meyers off the list, but in a decidedly less extravagant fashion. The band performed “So Young” without any extra accompaniment, opting instead to let the focus remain on the song’s psychedelic harmonies.

    Check out the replay below.

    Next month, Portugal. the Man will conclude their Woodstock album cycle with a pair of hometown shows in Anchorage, Alaska.