Here’s the thing: The Music Modernization Act is a good thing. It updates outdated modes of royalty payment, and ensures artists are paid what they’re due when it comes to consumption of their work. The Senate unanimously passed it last month, and, on Thursday, President Donald Trump will make it official.

What’s annoying, of course, is that Donald Trump, who recently declared that he likes Taylor Swift’s music 25% less after her democratic endorsement, will sign it into existence. What’s even worse is that, according to Billboard’s sources, he’ll be joined by a Tweedledee and Tweedledum in Kanye West and Kid Rock. Outgoing Academy President and CEO Neil Portnow — you know, the guy who infamously told female artists to “step up” — and Recording Industry Association Of America President Mitch Glazier will also be on hand.

Billboard sums it up quite well: “Neither artist has been a particularly vocal advocate of the bill, but they have both shown ardent support for the president.” That tends to be how things work these days.


West will be at the White House for a lunch date with Trump and White House senior adviser Jared Kushner, where he’ll reportedly discuss criminal justice reform and job scarcity in Chicago.