Last November, comedian Tim Heidecker compiled his numerous anti-Donald Trump songs into a collection called Too Dumb For Suicide. Nearly a year later, he’s back with a brand new offering for Trump and his blindly loyal supporters.

Recorded with moving piano from composer Bobby Halvorson and contributions from Brother, Sister bassist Kiefo Nilsson, “Ballad of The Incel Man” sees Heidcecker taking on the persona of someone who might be attending a Trump rally in 2018. The title is maybe the cheapest shot in the whole thing, as the rest of the ballad is a pretty accurate depiction of the mindset of someone who definitely owns a MAGA hat. “Got my picture of Obama/ Which we’ll burn in Effigy/ And I hope I find a like minded girl tonight at the Trump rally,” he sings.

Proceeds from Bandcamp sales of the single will benefit HIAS, the American nonprofit organization that provides humanitarian aid and assistance to refugees. (The group was mentioned throughout the social media posts of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter, Robert Bowers.) Heidecker will match donations once they surpass $1,000; as of 10:30 AM EST, Heidecker tweeted that donations had reached the $500 mark.


Take a listen to “Ballad of The Incel Man” below.