Sigur Rós’ Jónsi reveals solo triple album Frakkur 2000-2004: Stream

Featuring the Sigur Rós musician's early, previously unreleased recordings under the moniker Frakkur

Stream Jónsi Frakkur album
Sigur Rós’ Jónsi, photo by Nina Corcoran

    Sigur Rós frontman Jónsi has released his new solo triple album, Frakkur 2000-2004. Stream it below via Apple Music or Spotify.

    As its title indicates, the collection of music was recorded between 2000 and 2004, under the Icelandic musician’s solo moniker, Frakkur. Delving into more experimental works, he used the project as an outlet to see “how far he could push things outside the bounds of his day job” leading Sigur Rós.

    Much of this Frakkur material was created by Jónsi on his own, either at his Reykjavik home, his boyfriend’s house in Boston, or while on the road touring with Sigur Rós. All of these early recordings were once thought to have been completely lost by Jónsi. However, a burned CDR that was gifted to a friend was somehow tracked down, retrieved, and mastered to produce this special release.


    The 24-track, 108-minute effort collects material a specific period, each recorded in a different way. The oldest group of recordings, titled 2000-2001, was made on the musician’s first PC laptop (lovingly dubbed “The Tank”) and recounts a tale of unrequited love.

    The second roundup of material from 2002-2003 was made on a Yamaha RS-7000 (named “The Grey Machine”) using samples of beat-up toys he’d purchase from secondhand stores. Jónsi describes that period of time as “filled with blinding sunlight and pure fun creative energy.”

    As for the last piece of the triple album, 2003-2004 was helmed using the program Logic (introduced to Jónsi by partner and collaborator Alex Somers) as well as a Yamaha VSS-30 toy keyboard.


    Frakkur 2000-2004 Artwork:

    frakkur 2000 2004 stream

    Frakkur 2000-2004 Tracklist:
    01. SFTLB1
    02. SFTLB2
    03. SFTLB3
    04. SFTLB4
    05. SFTLB5
    06. SFTLB6
    07. SFTLB7
    08. SFTLB8
    09. SFTLB9
    10. TB1
    11. TB2
    12. TB3
    13. TB4
    14. TB5
    15. TB6
    16. TB7
    17. TB8
    18. PP1
    19. PP2
    20. PP3
    21. PP4
    22. PP5
    23. PP6
    24. PP7

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